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  • We donated 100,000 rolls of tree-free toilet paper, help us donate more!

    During the pandemic with record setting COVID-19 cases and a toilet paper shortage, Cloud Paper is helping people in need by donating 100,000 rolls of our tree-free toilet paper. The Seattle Times did a write up on it, and you can help us donate even more bamboo toilet paper.
  • End Deforestation Using Bamboo Toilet Paper

    Americans flush or throw away 1 billion trees worth of paper every year. Cloud Paper is on a mission to change that. We make tree-free toilet paper with bamboo, not trees, and it costs the same as the toilet paper you currently use. Start saving trees with us.
  • In This Together

    The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but especially food banks and shelters. That's why we are donating 10,000 rolls of our tree-free bamboo toilet paper to our partner, Food Lifeline.