We donated 100,000 rolls of tree-free toilet paper, help us donate more!

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We’re “changing lives, one roll of toilet paper at a time”. Not our words, but the Seattle Times understands our goal with our latest donation.

With record-setting COVID-19 cases, grocery stores are, once again, limiting the amount of toilet paper purchases. No matter what’s going on in the world, we believe that everyone should have access to essentials like toilet paper. We’re not only working hard to ensure that all customers can get reliable and quality bamboo toilet paper delivered straight to their door, but want to do our part to help those in need who can’t afford the basics.

That’s why we’ve made a commitment to donate 100,000 rolls of tree-free toilet paper to our non-profit partner, Food Lifeline, this holiday season. Food Lifeline helps provide essential goods to 300+ food banks and shelters in the Seattle community, including food and non-perishables like toilet paper.

We’ve been working around the clock since mid-November to donate as many rolls as possible, shuttling our bamboo-based goods from our warehouse to Food Lifeline’s just across the parking lot from our office in Seattle. In early December, we made our final 10k of the initial 100k donation, and are grateful to do our part to help people in need.

On top of the 100k rolls that we’ve already donated to Food Lifeline, we want to continue to raise awareness of the need in the community. So we've launched a 'Double Tap to Donate' campaign on Instagram to spread the word and donate even more! All we’re asking is for you to like, share, or tag a friend—for each action, we’ll donate one additional roll of toilet paper to someone in need.

Be like Ashton Kutcher and double tap to donate.