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  • The Green Beauty Queen: Mastering Your Zero-Waste Skincare Routine

    If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve seen some of the devastating stats around the beauty industry and its impact on the environment. Like the fact that beauty brands create over 120 billion units of plastic packaging every year, nearly all of it destined for a landfill. But I’ve got good news for you: It’s totally possible to create a zero-waste skincare routine that leaves you with healthy, glowing skin and a sense of pride in your green beauty products.

  • 4 Sustainable Business Practices That Make a Big Impact — But Won’t Blow Your Budget

    Remember that sustainable business practices don’t have to be massive, sweeping changes. Taking the baby steps makes a big difference when you multiply it across thousands of businesses in the US. What we need is for business owners to step up and implement the sustainable business practices that are within their reach.

  • Top Tips to Crush This Year’s Zero-Waste Week

    Zero Waste Week 2022 is September 5-9. Whether you’re eco-curious and ready to try some plastic-free alternatives, or you’re a seasoned eco-warrior on a mission to take your carbon footprint from miniscule to non-existent, we’re bringing you our best tips to green your routine and make your home a sustainable haven. 

  • The Pitfalls of Plastic Sponges — And How to Wash Your Dishes Cleaner and Greener

    Here at Cloud Paper, we’re all about reducing waste and offering sustainable solutions to common household items. Plastic doesn’t really decompose and also sheds microplastics into the ecosystem, so you know we’re not a fan of the material. But plastic sponges are so useful! We’re not going to deny it. What we are going to do is to discuss their pros and cons and what alternatives you can use instead.

  • How to Go Zero-Waste in Our Modern World

    The term zero-waste means exactly what it sounds like — that nothing is wasted. And it's actually the natural state of the planet. The circle of life in itself is a zero-waste system. Waste is a distinctly human problem. To create things that last beyond their useful lifespan and have no further purpose is a very modern concept. The key to going zero-waste is to understand how the cycle of life works, and learn how to “close the loop” (which is another way of saying zero-waste).

  • Why Is Bamboo Toilet Paper So Expensive?

    Why is bamboo toilet paper so expensive? In short, it has a lot to do with sourcing a more sustainable substance: bamboo. Today, we’re pulling back the curtain and doing a deep dive into why bamboo toilet paper can be a bit more costly — but (we think) ultimately worth it. 

  • How to Go Plastic Free Without Turning Your Life Upside Down

      If you’ve landed on this blog you’re probably aware plastic is… not great.    You’ve seen headlines like:  “By 2050, There Will Be More Plastic...
  • Composting: The Absolute Easiest Way to Drastically Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

      Let’s be honest for a second: being an eco-hero is no easy task.    Our society is not set up for sustainability. So when you choose to use bamb...
  • Bamboo Toilet Paper: Is It Good, Better, or Best?

      Toilet paper is one of those things the average person probably doesn't think much about. I mean, you go to the bathroom, you play a couple roun...
  • It’s Not a New Diet Fad: Why Environmental Experts Are Asking You to Go Meatless

    Plant-based diets aren't just another fad — it’s a stepping stone in the journey of a sustainable lifestyle. Meat and dairy products are a significant contributor to the global carbon footprint, and unfortunately, Americans eat an average of 274 lbs of meat per year!
  • The Lost Art of Repairing and Why We Need to Bring it Back

    While most people are taught about the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), not many consider where repair would fit in there. 90% of the time it’s easier to replace a broken item, but we are here to tell you we need to bring back the lost art of repairing for the good of the environment.
  • All Things Earth Day 2022: Your Guide to Celebrating the Planet

      If you like nature, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Earth Day this month. But you might be wondering, why all the hype? I mean, what’s ...