Announcing Bamboo Paper Towels by Cloud Paper!

bamboo paper towels by cloud paper


They’re here! Our most requested product is finally available for you. We’ve been working on expanding our line of tree-free paper products and we’re so excited to share that our paper towels are ready to pre-order!

Cloud Paper’s bamboo paper towels provide you with the same convenience as our tree-free TP, with the same commitment to eco-friendly practices. We worked hard to ensure that you wouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability. And we’re pretty proud of the result.

Learn more below and grab yourself some bamboo paper towels today!

Bamboo Paper Towels: A Sustainable Tree-Free Alternative

Global spending on paper towels is estimated at around $12 billion per year. And Americans account for about half of that total amount.

While estimates of paper towel consumption are fuzzy, the EPA reckons that consumers in the United States alone produce about 7.4 billion pounds of tissue products a year, including toilet paper and paper towels.

Most of those products are made from trees from Canada’s old-growth boreal forest. Once cut, those trees are gone forever, and a replanted seedling can take 40-50 years to reach harvest maturity. Wildlife habitats are destroyed, tons of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, and Indigenous communities lose their homes. We at Cloud Paper are committed to ending the destructive loss of the world's forests.

And that commitment to sustainability means offering a range of tree-free paper products for you. Bamboo is the obvious swap.

Bamboo is a fast-growing highly renewable resource that’s perfect for consumer products like paper towels, cutting boards, and even toothbrushes. It grows around 3 feet per day and requires little water. Plus, bamboo is naturally disease-resistant. Which means no pesticides needed!

Even better, bamboo paper products generate 30% less greenhouse gas emissions than tree-based tissues. 

Our bamboo paper towels are made from FSC-certified bamboo grown on small family farms in Asia. We double offset carbon emissions produced during transportation through our partnership with the CarbonFund.

Strong and Durable for Household Messes

Not only are our new paper towels eco-friendly but we took the time to develop a product that could withstand any household cleaning emergency.

Bamboo fibers are a natural choice for a sustainable yet durable paper towel. In fact, bamboo fibers can absorb up to three times their weight in water! And pound for pound, bamboo is tougher than steel.

"These eco friendly bamboo paper towels are awesome to clean with, especially with their texture that scrubs up messes and absorbs spills. They seem to last forever, and I feel great about this sustainable material. As a bonus they are individually wrapped with paper instead of plastic so much better for the environment and they look neat and cute. Highly recommended!"

-Laurie M., one of our early testers 

Cloud Paper’s new paper towels are 2-ply for even more absorbency. A thicker towel means you use less to clean up a mess. 

Each roll contains the standard 150 sheets. Our rolls look a little smaller than the average roll you might find in the store but have just as many sheets. How’s that? We figured out how to wrap each roll tighter to make our supply chain more efficient and further reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainability score!

Our Paper Towels are Sustainable Inside and Out

We ship our bamboo paper towels just like our toilet paper: with 100% plastic-free packaging and recyclable materials. We wrap each individually to prevent moisture damage during shipping.

Here’s how to dispose of the packaging and the paper towels:

  • Recycle: the box, roll wrappers, and inner tubes
  • Compost: paper towels used for common spills
  • Trash: towels that have cleaning chemicals on them or that have been used to wipe someone’s nose

Pro tip: if you have your own compost system, you can add the box or the inner tubes, shredded up, as brown material

An Ode To Cloud Paper Bamboo Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

We’re pretty stoked to be expanding our tree-free offerings and think our paper towels are the best.

But we'll let our customer and paper towel tester Anne M. have the last word:

"We use a lot of paper towels and I have wanted to do something more sustainable for a long time but couldn't find a good solution. I was thrilled to find Cloud Paper's paper towels! Wasn't sure what to expect - because so often environmentally friendly products lack in performance - but that was not the case here! Surprisingly absorbent!  So something good for the world and works real well! It's a Win-Win!" 

Thanks for the love, Anne! Grab your own bamboo paper towels and start saving trees today!