End Deforestation Using Bamboo Toilet Paper

Americans flush or throw away 1 billion trees worth of paper every year. Cloud Paper is on a mission to change that. We make tree-free toilet paper with bamboo, not trees, and it costs the same as the toilet paper you currently use. 

The numbers are staggering. Americans flush one Central Park worth of trees down the toilet, every day. Here’s what a Central Park without trees looks like -- it’s what’s happening in our forests today, tomorrow, and every day until all toilet paper is tree-free.

Saving a Billion Trees, together

Cloud Paper is on a mission to save a billion trees, and we’d love for you to join us. We’re starting with toilet paper because it contributes roughly 15% of global deforestation, and it’s a product that we all use, every day. We’ll have more tree-free products launching soon and won’t stop until we’re no longer cutting down billions of trees each year for paper products.

You can personally save 100 trees in your lifetime by using tree-free products, like Cloud Paper. And if you work in an office, you can collectively save thousands of trees, for free! The numbers really add up. We all have the opportunity to save trees every day, with a simple switch that is entirely in our control. 

What is Cloud Paper?

Our tree-free toilet paper is made with super-soft bamboo, harms zero trees, uses no plastic, and is packaged with recycled materials. We deliver Cloud Paper to your door with carbon-neutral deliveries, so you’ll never have to haul toilet paper home again. Every box of Cloud Paper contains 24 rolls of 3-ply bamboo toilet paper, with 350 sheets per roll. Going tree-free has never been easier. We hope you’ll join us. 

Start saving trees with Cloud Paper

With love,

Team Cloud Paper