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Bamboo Toilet Paper

(4.8 / 5.0, 100+ reviews)

$28 for 24 rolls
Free shipping

3-ply and 350 sheets per roll
100% plastic free packaging

Product Reviews

“I ❤ this toilet paper, the concept and your community service.”

— Suzanne

"My family & I were all pleasantly surprised. We really do like the paper. It doesn't leave any residue, it's soft, and we seem to use less than we did with other brands."

— Eileen

"We recently received our first Cloud Paper order and we LOVE your product! We are soooo thrilled to have found an alternative to regular toilet paper, and a wonderful alternative to save millions of our trees!"

— Sharon

"We are happy to be customers and love the product. Thrilled to no longer contribute to the destruction of forests.”

— Vicki

"Just got my first delivery. Love that it is sustainable and also the company made a huge donation to a local food bank providing basic necessities for those impacted by the Covid-19 crisis”

— Alexa

"Could be a little softer"

— Jareena

“The product is very high quality, fast shipping, and reduces my environmental footprint? Yes please!”

— Stephanie

“I absolutely love the idea of what you're doing, and I'm very happy with my first Cloud Paper order.”

— Kathy

“So far, I am quite pleased, if there is such a thing regarding toilet paper!”

— Myrna

“It’s not as thick as other brands and it costs more, but I like the mission. I like buying local and earth friendly. Plus, they could supply when everyone was out during COVID19 quarantine.”

— Angela

“I do want to say this is Amazing toilet paper and it's my favorite and it's better than regular toilet paper! Love it.”

— Jessica

“I do wish to say that we were a little reluctant at first but we are very happy with the product. I have recommended Cloud Paper to all my family and friends.”

— Daniel