Cloud Paper was on the Late Show

Uhhh, did we just see what we thought we saw? Our beloved bamboo toilet paper was on the Late Show—gracing the faces of Robert Downey Jr and Stephen Colbert! If you didn’t catch Sunday night’s Late Show, check out the replay:

Pretty cool right? In case you haven’t heard, Downey Jr. is on a mission to save the planet (just like us!). He’s gone from battling imaginary bad guys on the big screen to tackling real problems on Earth through his new venture, the FootPrint Coalition.

Cloud Paper and the FootPrint Coalition: A Partnership for Change

Downey Jr. announced his new venture at the World Economic Forum’s virtual Davos meeting in January. This annual conference aims to bring political, business, and other leaders together to hash out global social and environmental issues.

This is huge. The buzz generated by Downey Jr. and the FootPrint Coalition at Davos gets us closer to our goal of saving 1 billion trees.

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The FootPrint Coalition: Investing in Sustainable Technologies

Founded by Robert Downey Jr, the FootPrint Coalition is a collection of investors, donors, and storytellers with a common goal of investing in and promoting sustainable technologies. 

To date, the FootPrint Coalition has invested in:

Arcadia Earth: Founded by artist Valentino Vettori, Arcadia Earth is an art exhibition and virtual reality experience with a plant-centered focus. It aims to empower individuals through augmented education and storytelling to take actionable steps toward sustainable living.

RWDC Industries: A biotech company producing 100% biodegradable alternatives to petroleum-based products. Its primary product, Solon, functions like single-use plastic in consumer goods like straws, cutlery, and fabric. Unlike plastic, it breaks down fully within weeks into carbon dioxide and water.

Ÿinsect: Ÿinsect is reinventing the food chain by transforming Moliter mealworms into high-quality ingredients for humans, pets, fish, and plants. Global protein consumption is accelerating by an estimated 50% between 2007 and 2030.  Using proprietary technology protected by 260 patents, Ÿinsect offers a sustainable solution to this demand.

Cloud Paper (hi!): We’re on a mission to end deforestation caused by traditional paper products. 20% of global deforestation is caused by tree-based paper products. We’re changing that by offering sustainable, carbon-neutral bamboo alternatives.

The FootPrint Coalition is building awareness of sustainable technologies across multiple platforms through engaging content and storytelling. 

Why Robert Downey Jr. Believes in Bamboo Toilet Paper  


Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant, with some varieties topping out at 3 feet per day. When grown and managed sustainably, bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to tree-based paper products. 

A single clump of bamboo absorbs 2 tons of carbon dioxide per year. That’s 3-4 times more carbon-fixing than any other plant — including trees. And it doesn’t require replanting for at least 50 years. The more you cut down, the more it grows. 

Plus — you heard it from Iron Man himself. Cloud Paper’s tree-free toilet tissue doesn’t sacrifice quality for sustainability. We worked hard to create three layers of soft, strong, lint-free toilet paper that’s good for you and good for the planet. It’s shipped to you in fully recyclable and compostable packaging, and we double offset any carbon emissions generated.

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