12 Sustainable Brands to Give Back to the Environment

12 sustainable brands for holiday gifts 2021

Looking for some last-minute holiday gift ideas? We're putting a spin on the 12 days this year by highlighting 12 sustainable brands that will help you give back to Mother Earth this holiday season. These sustainable swaps will make great, eco-friendly stocking stuffers, and are perfect for friends and family who want to be more environmentally friendly, but maybe aren't sure how to do it. These trusted brands make it easy for us to do our part in reducing our footprint on the planet this December, and many more years to come! 

12 Sustainable Brands for 12 Days of Giving Back to the Environment 

Susteau sustainable hair care

Did you know that liquid personal care products, like shampoo and conditioner, typically contain over 80% water? You can go waterless with Susteau and save more than water in the bottle—energy and materials are saved across the entire supply chain. And to truly live and breath their sustainable mission, Susteau bottles are made with over 95% ocean-bound, recycled plastic.

Stojo reusable containers

We all know it's best to reduce, reuse, and recycle. After reducing, reusing items is the best way to help be more sustainable. Enter Stojo. Stojo is on a mission to end disposable culture with their handy, ultra-portable accessories from cups to bowls to straws. Say goodbye to single-use plastic, and hello to beautiful, collapsible reusables of your dreams.

ThreeMain cleaning products

Traditional cleaning products are filled with toxins and stored in plastic, which makes it harmful to you and the environment. ThreeMain's cleaning products are made with naturally disinfecting ingredients like Hydrogen Peroxide, and their soaps include Hyaluronic Acid to moisturize. Best of all, there are no synthetic fragrances or toxins, and their packaging is made out of reusable, refillable aluminum bottles. 

Spotlight Oral Care
Spotlight Oral Care

There can be a surprising amount of nasties in toothpaste, but not with Spotlight Oral Care's products. Their clean formulations are free from sulfates, microbeads, palm oils, parabens, triclosan, DEA and SLS. Aside from clean ingredients, their toothpaste tubes are made from sugarcane, their dental floss is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and they even make bamboo toothbrushes. Clean mouth, clean earth! 

Click and Grow Smart Gardens

Click and Grow 

Growing with Click & Grow is an easy way to fight food waste! Their smart gardens make it possible to harvest fresh food right before consuming, ensuring nothing goes to waste. In 2020 alone, this helped us avoid 258.74 tons of food waste, and it consumed 95% less water than traditional agriculture. They make it so convenient to grow plants quickly and easily, without any GMOs, pesticides, insecticides, or other harmful substances.

Lively Root plant delivery
Lively Root

If you need a new houseplant to join the family, you can get some shipped directly to your home with Lively Root. Their plants are home-grown at their nursery in San Diego and receive VIP treatment until they are hand-selected by one of their team members and sent directly to your doorstep. They only use eco-friendly materials, including sustainable packaging. And if you want to feel festive this holiday season, consider one of their potted holiday options instead of a traditional Christmas tree. 

Wrappily sustainable gift wrapping paper

Have you thought about how much waste is involved in gift giving? Wrappily is a beautiful solution! This wrapping paper printed on recyclable and compostable newsprint. They have beautiful double-sided patterns designed by independent artists, and the papers are flat & folded for easy economical shipping and storage.

Hydros filtering bottles

Drink tap water confidently with Hydros' reusable, filtered pitchers and bottles. The filters are made from 100% coconut shell carbon in a BPA-free casing, which means it's safe for you and the environment. And each Hydros filter can keep 300 single-use plastic bottles out of our ocean. 

Saalt menstrual cups

Did you know? A staggering 20 billion menstrual products are disposed of annually in the USA alone. Saalt has a sustainable solution with their reusable menstrual cups that are good for you and the planet. Menstrual cups can be used for 10 years, meaning people with periods can save 3,000 single-use pads and tampons from landfills with every cup.

Fohm wet wipes

Every 24 hours over one million pounds of micro-plastic based wet wipe waste is flushed. Fohm turns your toilet paper into a sustainable wet wipe! Their wall dispenser is easy to install and allows for touchless use. The earth will thank you, and so will your plumbing. 

Miakoda apparel

For better apparel basics, check out Miakoda. Their clothing is made in small batches, everything is ethically made in NYC. They use sustainable materials and even upcycle their production scraps into zero waste accessories. 

Kent compostable underwear

Meet the worlds first verified compostable underwear! There comes a time when every undie must be retired, and when this happens you can “plant your pants” and they will return to nature instead of ending up in a landfill. Plus, they are high quality, made from the ‘cashmere of cotton’ (also known as pima cotton), which is softer and stronger than conventional cotton.